Welcome To Piano (Level 2) ! 

Piano II


January 30th-31st -

D & G Major Scale, Chord Progressions I-IV-V-V7-I (C Major)

February 26-27th  -

D, G, A Major Scales, Solo 1, Chord Progressions

Composer Project

March 19th 

April 12th-13th  -

Solo #2 & "If I Were Your Man" by Bruno Mars 

April 26th-27th   -

Solo 1, 2, and 3

May 14-18th -

Piano Jury Recital *written finals this week*

If I am absent... Assignments will be to practice your music!You are accountable for ALL your music. 

Piano Level 2 (sheet music).docx Piano Level 2 (sheet music).docx
Size : 5665.945 Kb
Type : docx
scales and chord progressions.docx scales and chord progressions.docx
Size : 190.624 Kb
Type : docx


My office hours and Extra Practice is welcomed 

MONDAYS 3:30-4:30 PM 


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